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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  October 12, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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right now on fox 29 weekends bullying it is a problem beyond the school walls. >> i would like to know what i was doing to them to make them that angry to post something about me anonymously. >> social media sites making it easier to be mean. two pennsylvania teens take on their bullies. hear their inspiring message. >> all right, eagles fans, it is sunday, just hours away from the big black out at the linc, the birds taking on the giants this morning, we want to see your eagles pride. >> your stories, your comments, your pictures, this is fox 29 weekend. your news, your neighborhood, live and inter-active. this is fox 29 weekends. from our home at fourth
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and market in old city philadelphia welcome to fox 29 weekends. thanks for joining us this sunday, october 12th, i'm lauren johnson, it is black sunday, the eagles prepare to claw away at the giants. >> we're wearing black, you're wearing black, sends us the pictures, use the hashtag fox 29 weekends. so much news also this sunday, very busy day including some breaking news as you are waking up a hospital work nerve text whose is now testing positive for ebola. we are live with the late breaking details on that one. plus nfl giving away millions in ad time for important cause. we'll explain the campaign. >> first, it is a gorgeous day, kind of yucky as it was yesterday. it is beautiful out. let's go to the inter-active look at the weather. big question of course caitlin as we think about the game and this black sunday, how is it going to be for the. >> i am. >> a lot brighter than the black weather that we started with yesterday. so, live look at center city, see the sunshine, but it is a cold morning. we've got frost up in the poconos, lehigh valley, many of you starting in the 30's, 40's here in the city, don't worry, we'll warm up.
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so tailgating all day, actually pretty great football weather. that's what everyone wants to know. to the heart of the matter when your inlet err active forecast, start out with the eagles game today. tailgating for eagles versus giants. nice into the ball weather the answer yes. making up for dreary weather we had to deal with yesterday. and we the time we hit kick off temperatures will be in the upper 50's, this is your game time forecast, at 8:30 p.m. with the giants in town, scattered clouds, they'll be on the increase later tonight, but rain will hold off until monday morning, yes, another chance for rain already. but as i said, that doesn't begin until monday. temperatures right now, as we start off early sunday morning, very chilly, 34 in mount pocono, but just last hour at the freezing mark, 34 in lehigh ton, 35 allentown, few hours in the mid 30's, that will get you some frost out there on the cars and the grass. forty-two doylestown, 41 warminster, 47 in philadelphia. and down into south jersey we are mainly mid 40's, frost not a concern. little bit of fog out there,
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though, early this morning. already visibilities are lying with the sun coming out, so 5-mile visibility, north and west of us, we're all clear and good to go down to the south. your foxcast for today, so for those of how are tailgating all day, out at the linc, 50 this morning, by 9:00 a.m., but 58 by noon, 65 will be our high temperature later today, we fall to the 50's this evening, hey, summer not done with just quite yet. taste of it in your five-day forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. we start with breaking news this morning, a hospital worker in texas tests positive for ebola. >> so we're following this one very, very closely. we've got sabrina korea coast liver in in the news center scay news, sick patient for somebody who cared for thomas eric duncan when he was at presbyterian hospital. we're told the health worker appears to have contracted the virus from had you. new case is worker there, when he was patient. that's later after he died he was being treated by this
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person. now, here she already showing symptoms of ebola including a fever, as of now, health officials not identifying the patient, he's our primary test results, preliminary test results that the cdc still has to confirm, but the texas department of health says the worker came down with a fever on friday evening, tested positive for ebola late last night. the person has been isolated. health officials have interviewed them, are reaching out to anybody who may have been exposed to, especially, after the symptoms began to show. from what we can tell you this appears to be the first time ebola has been transmitted in the united states. now we're already getting your questions on twitter. one tweets: was it an emergency room advice whitt missed or from his admission. that's very important. she says. that's a great question. remember texas presbyterian came under question for the way they brought him in before later admitting him. press conference later this
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morning in dallas. we hope to get the answer to your question and many more, lauren, back to you. this morning's cover story, talking about bullying october is national bullying prevention month. according to national study, nearly 200,000 students across the country stay home from school every day because they're afraid of being bullied two. pennsylvania teens reached out to fox 29 weekend this week, to tell their stories. eli and logan live near scranton, the two are best friends. and each were recently nominated for homecoming king and queen. what should have been exciting time turned into a frustrating one. eli and logan say students at their school bullied them because they're gay. they sent us this video describing what happened. >> a few girls who wanted to be on court but didn't went around and said that we didn't deserve it, like individuals, and together because of the fact that we were gay, and it
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was a disgrace, it was wrong that we were on court. >> there is also this app for my phone, it is anonymous. you can post whatever you want. and all the post frost your local town show up a lot of people were posting that (beep) on homecoming court should kill herself f she doesn't drop off homecoming court i'm going to punch her or i hope she kills herself, and stuff like that. >> my goodness, harsh words. good news eli going and got the votes they needed to take home the crown. the bad news, they say, the students who bullied them don't even realize they did anything wrong. joining us now on skype this morning, social media expert and parent, jay jay cannon. jay jay, thanks for joining us. asomugha mother i am sure it is tough for to you hear that. >> it is tough for me to hear. that will first i want to con great eli and logan on winning the votes this they needed to become homecoming king and
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queen. i think that in itself says something that you should focus on about the people that do believe in you, than did want this to happen for you. >> aj, what are your encouraging words as a mom to these two young kids as far as moving forward? >> i think that we all have a choice today. i mean, the internet is really kind of like this all skate no cushion included playgrounds for everybody, and i think at a certain stage these kids are old enough to make a choice about whether or not they would like to see these things on line, and whether or not to maybe not look at them. i know that's not a good answer, but we're never -- they'll never not be awful ignorant people like this. it is a people problem. it is not an app problem. >> so you think these kids just have to be strong and step up to the plates and defends themselves and who they are? >> i think as parents, we need to teach our children younger, that they will at some point now in this digital age
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encounter something like this, and try to teach them how to handle it, and be ready for it, and not to dwell on it or let them bring -- let it bring them down. i really think it is important for me to say right now, since i have the opportunity, that in a press re less from the cdc from june of 2013 suicide is the third leading cause of youth between the ages every ten and 24. and they say more suicide related behaviors are the result of cyber bullying or some form of bullying. i think it really as parents needs to speak to our children youngberry what constitutes appropriate on line behavior. never going to get rid of the hate. >> thank you so much for talking to thus morning. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, karen? lots of news this morning, hundreds are expected to be attending a vigil this evening to support the victims of the alleged hazing incident at a new jersey high school. this is scheduled for 6:00. it is going to be at kennedy park, right across the street
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from the say err ville high school. seven football players are now facing charges accused of sexually assaulting rookie players, investigators say players held down victims against their will inside the lockerroom while others touched them inapropriately. also, new this morning, shooting in philadelphia's mantua section sends one person to the hospital. this all happened on the 800 block of north 42nd street. police say a man was found shot three times in the leg, he is in stable condition. we don't have any word if there were any suspects. first lady michelle obama in town this week, will attends an event in support of democratic gubernatorial candidate tom wolf. the event will be held at the dorothy emanuel recreation center in northeast philadelphia wednesday. our producers aaron and nicole always looking for big stories, let's find out what the talk of the town s good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> two seconds. i just cracked my screen. is that seven years of bad luck?
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>> no! >> what do we have going on here. >> a taste of fall. >> it is all about fog, this time of year, everything pumpkin or spice, we want to talk about what our favorite fall things are. >> so for me, i'll start because i am quick. i don't really like pumpkin so i do sit at home diffusing or candle and just have like the smell of fall, because i'm not really big on the taste of it. >> i like the pumpkin latte, i'm big pumpkin latte kind of person. >> are you going to call me out? i don't know! >> our produce presser lancaster, whoopi pies. >> right! >> bringing thing in lancaster county, i love me some of those pies. basically like two little, going to show you two, little cake things with some filling inside. >> yes. >> very, very good. >> what's the filling? is that marsh mel snow. >> it could be cream it, could
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be marshmallow, depends who makes them and how they are. >> i also learned in other part of the state it is called a gone, in other parts of the state, western pennsylvania. >> we like say whoopi pies. >> caitlin, what's your favorite? >> i agree with karen with the pumpkin cough eels, just little something extra in there. you know, i'm going to say, i don't minds the beverages with pumpkin spice. can't go wrong there. >> pumpkin beer down there! >> and i'll give a shout out, college grabbed, from ithica brewery. >> my favorite brewery, too. >> i have ben there, too, love all of the beers they have. not that i dis kim nature a lot. -- discriminate. >> i brought in pumpkin roll. i couldn't find the whoopi post, but brought in pumpkin roll. really good. pumpkin cake with filling inside watch about these pumpkins inside? >> your kids probably have festivals, pumpkins things, birthday party, jumping around in delco, and they made those
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pumpkins as one of the farther favors. >> so cute. >> great alternate to the jack o lantern, too, a lot less messy. >> carving, yes, very good. so we want to no, i was going to say, your favorite? all talking at the same time. >> all favorites. also, who is playing today at the half time? boyz ii men. >> and we'll get to in a in just a bit. roll it! >> also ahead: colds and flu season, tips to help survive coughing, sneezing, hacking and wheezing. and knocking the giants as the birds prepare to take on those bad guys from new york, how one philly icon is dishing our rivals. >> ♪ >> there you go, our boyz ii men, playing at half time at the eagles game watch boyz ii men tune do you want to hear? you know we had to get started
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with this one. we're painting the town black black sunday, use
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>> hi, fat yack's barbeque, this is your fox food bite. >> you know, really getting chilly outside. what we will do today, we'll make chilly. but it is not going to be your
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trash additional red chilly. white lightning chilly as i like to call it. main ingredient, chicken. the next main ingredient, canloni beans. stick every butter, milk, two cups of spanish onions, right, there listen to that fizzle. scallions, two cups, red pepper. green chilly, about cup. put that all in there. we will give it about five minutes. listen to that. stir it around stowe doesn't burn. until trans lucent, done. so now it is time to cut our chicken. so, take big chunk every chicken, cut it, knife, here weaver pound and quarter of chicken, stir it around a little bit. and now it is time to add everything else. we're going to add our can loney beans, that's four cups of the beans. don't drain the beans.
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that's where all of the flavor is in there, do not drain the bubbies, cup of cue men, it makes the chilly little different than everything else. then we add about half tablespoon of crushed red pepper. about half tablespoon every white pepper. about tablespoon salt, cayenne pet err -- pepper becomes half tablespoon, tablespoon of grab late dollars garlic, chicken base. you can buy chicken base in any supermarket. it is about 8 ounces of chicken base. it is cents a pays, okay? add quart of water. so give these guys little stir. cook it down for awhile. add one more thing in a second. butter, ah, ya, butter. about three quarters after pound. so as you can tell, it is still watery, and i bet you're all wondering how will i fix that? cup of corn starch, mixed in with cup of water, little bit of corn starch right in the
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middle. well, now white lightning chicken chilis ready to go. here you go, guys. little bit on the top, time to try the white lightning chilly. hot. oh, is that good. that's white lightning chicken chilly. fat jack's barbeque there is has been your fox food bite. >> okay, so, moving too fast, didn't get a chance to write it all down, don't worry go to our website just click on fox 29 weekend. karen? >> you know that eagles and giants facing off tonight at the linc, which on susly is exciting enough. you will also see some history made this evening, you may have noticed so far this season the eagles have only won their white uniforms, tonight they're going to be wearing the black ones, even more exciting, they'll bewaring black pants, too, and on top of all of that they
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want all of us to wear black, complete black out on twitter chris showed his excitement. eagles will be wearing black jerseys, black pants next week, sick, and matt wrote sunday night can't come soon enough. but sheila has a question. she writes: so the eagles have never worn all black before? so that's the question we've got for kyle scott, editor of crossing broad. com. joining us via skype right now. so, kyle, never wore black? >> they've won black jerseys, never black pants and certainly never the black jerseys and black pants together. >> i know like penn state and the fans they do white out, everyone gets so rallied, riled up, so exceeding, it is great. you think the same thing will happen with our black out? >> i love the idea, because it is, i mean, a big sunday night game against the giants, first off. look at what the flyers do in the playoffs with the orange crush, and i'm in total agreement with you. if you get everyone in the building in the same color, whatever color it is, it is intimidating for opponent, just looks cool on tv it, looks cool at the game.
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and really just another reason for people to get excited as nonsensical as it may. >> well, we get excited about a lot of nonsensical things. another tweet, this one comes from jason, he writes, so does eagles black sunday include black helmets? >> it does not. still wearing their green, their green helmets. this is actually a little bit of an issue, because a loft fans, have thought for awhile, they would love it if the eagles went back to kelly green. and the eagles earlier this year said hey, we might do, that we might do it as our third jersey. one of the reasons they can't do that is the league has a rule where they have to wear the same helmet throughout the whole season. the helmets the players practice in and feel comfortable in, because they don't want to make them change say new black helmet for one game and someone gets a concussion and now all the sudden you have a liability issue. so they'll be sticking with the green help mets, although they're dark green, so it will still match the look. >> kyle our fashion police. so what's the whole reason why they've been wearing white all season not the green if the
8:21 am
first place? >> what happened is couple of years ago nike started making the nfl jerseys. but it was just this we are that the eagles switched over to their new, called, their elite 51 uniforms, all that is a marketing term for the fancy material they have, fancy patch work of materials they have on the jerseys. the problem is nike hasn't been able to match the eagles midnight green, which is sort of accustom color, it is like metallic color, fancy by christina lori. nike hasn't been able to match that yet. originally supposed to debut their green jerseys week six here against the giants. they're still not ready. so, the eagles decided hey we don't have the green jeers east yet. let's put on black and call it a black out. >> we got a black out. your predictions for tonight? >> i think it is cents going to be a good game. the giants look for real this year. the eagles have struggled to a four and one, although that's weirds to same i think the eagles pull it out but it will be a close game, it will be a good one. >> you got it, kyle, thanks as is always, always appreciate
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love to follow you as twitter, as women. if you want to join the conversation use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. >> speaking of sports, coming up, recreational sports. how little kick ball helps bring people together. plus this surveillance video looks harmless. wait until you hear what he's accused of doing, that landed him in jail. karen, what's going on on zero over on the social media sites? >> people painting black of course, i love that one, with the hashtag, oh, cute little kids, show us your jerseys, show us your black, show us your cats, dogs, keep it coming, use the hash fox 29 week end. >> boyz ii men, going out to twitter handle king under score taped voice two men perform half time at the game today.
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welcome back at 8:25, new this morning, philadelphia court officials wiping out about a billion dollars in debt. >> the debt involves the bail of tens of thousands of people who failed to show up for court dates through march of 2010. some of the detectives go back 50 years. >> and things are starting to get back to normal at the california university of pennsylvania, which is about 35 miles south of pittsburgh, police there say they made several arrests overnight, when things just got out of control, or frat party, sparking number every fights, they say, about 400 people at the party. it is cents homecoming weekends there, at call u. >> police sergeant in oregon finds himself in trouble with
8:26 am
the law. surveillance video shows the officer at a gas station, get this, walks out of the store with two bags of popcorn. but he only paid for one of them. they say he's done this before. >> the officer was sentenced to six months behind bars. all right, up next, your chance to knock the cage. how arrowheads hardest kin answering. >> kids are sick, colds and flu season upon us, so we have the stuff you need in your house to make sure you're ready. >> and your pictures, keep coming in. look at that, jersey on right there, is that a dog? >> chihuahua. >> just love it. all right, don't forget, sends us your questions, keep them coming. this is on bended knee by boyz ii men, playing during half time at tonight's eagles game. stay with us.
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>> eagles getting ready for biggest game of the season tonight against the giants. the players have talked smack all week. the fans have talked smack. thousand dollars get into it, as well, talking about giants
8:30 am
quarterback eli manning. now, in case you're a little senile, let me gave you a refresher. there is a rap that he can be just a little soft. like any quarterback, they don't like to get hit. but the belief is that that is little more effective when hitting. >> viewers like daniel tweeted the nfl has serious image problem with players, looks like you do, too. well, daniel, you must be a stinking giants fan. and they are stinking. and just understanded, that shely is a soft guy when there is a rush. some guys are tough. that's not eli manning, hey, whatever way you feel, that's great. image problem is not my problem. it's no disparity against any females. it is a disparity toward eli. oh, that's what eli does when he sees the rush. >> howards, the nnl season is under way, flyers lose the opener to the bruins on wednesday nights. you like that, well, flyers fans actually will seymour victor out of the lost, but
8:31 am
better finds a way to score. some people not so happy. but did i finds one, mitchell wrote, hey, howard, thanks for actually watching the hockey game. >> hey, thanks, ben, thanks for the props, buddy it, wasn't the easiest thing in the world. flyers can't figure out if they're an offensive team, defensive team. but in good games, do you have put the biscuit in the basket. and i do see congratulations because to watch that game was tough at times. but you can keep it coming. keep trying and knock the king. you know where i'll be? right here. >> ♪ >> all right, we love knocking the king. hey, we also love looking outside at the weather. you know, it is sunday, football sunday, block sunday, everybody wants to know what will the forecast be for the eagles. looking at old city outside. caitlin will tell but. that will there is cents an event over here, i noticed streets already block off. >> oh, yes, we had the old city festival. it is cents here on columbus day weekends, so all setting
8:32 am
up. you know, the way all of our city festivals, are a lot of food, a loft drink, a loft entertainment. it will be fun. you actually an event yesterday? >> i went to the leukemia and lymphoma society event in allentown, i feel like i drove through ten weather patterns to get there. it was rainy, fog, sprinkling, misting. i mean a lot going on but great time. >> there you are. >> there i am. it was a good time. >> well, and, you know, then little far for you, first time headed out there. >> karen promised it would be beautiful and she was right there. were leaves changing, you know, at first visible problems, and fog, but it was good. >> now is the time by the way if you are headed up the northeast extension, trees in full bloom, full peak foliage, beautiful there. we hit peak fall foliage closer to late october. still on our way. let's get back to the event though that one of our viewers wants to know b the old city fall festival. snow is from cyle, she asked sue couple of days ago i hope this weather clears up,
8:33 am
weather yesterday and friday, for tomorrow's high steaks challenge at the old city district's old city fest, the answer to that, look outside, yes, it has. so if you're headed downtown, temperatures will be in the 60s, later this afternoon, after yes, very chilly start. it is colds this morning, dry and sunny and again this is from noon to 6:00 p.m. it is mainly north third street from market to race. whatever you have going on today it, looks much improved from yesterday. that being said, frost, off toward our north, we had frost advisory early for the the poconos, 34 there. it is poconos, 35 lehighton, 35 in allentown, so very chilly temperatures. further south into bucks and montgomery, mainly in the 40's, 47 here in philadelphia, no concerns with frost as you head down into the south jersey, 46 in bridgeton, and 46 in atlantic city. we check the seven day forecast for you. six a will be the high temperature tonight, under mostly sunny skies, beautiful day, nice evening for football out at the linc, clouds increase late, we get some showers around for columbus
8:34 am
day. that should start to clear out, check out tuesday and wednesday. a little mid-week warming trends as we are close to 08 degrees. could spark some thunderstorms, we cool down later in the week. >> in your health news this morning, right on the brink after colds and the flu season, is someone when in your house coughing yet? nothing worse, wake up, you're sick, got nothing thereto tweet your symptoms, so we will help you put together a cold and flu survival kit had morning. beth joining us about what goes in that kit. good morning, beth. what do we put in? good morning, karen, we've got five things for you. five ingredients to your flu and cold season survival kit. so we start with something to reduce fever. so that might be acytominafin, ibuprofen, or aspirin, pick up fever reduce err at the store. next thing you want to look for is cough medicine or cough drop, something like that to put in your kit. nasal spray can help you be ready if you have stuffy in
8:35 am
your head, also good thing for stuffy nose, decongestant, if you have build up in your head, decongestant can help with you. that will fifth thing outwent have is a thermometer. you want to watch for fever specially with flu, and, you know, if you are running a high fever, you probably want to get in and try to see your doctor. so, with those five ingredients you should be ready. and the reason why is that the cdc says in a given year 15 to 20% every us will catch the flu, and kids catch six, seven cold viruses on average every year. so, you may end up really needing this kit, even though you don't need it right now. karen? >> how about stuff like, you know, gatorade, we know we should increase our fluids, chicken soup, any of those things you think are real important to have around? >> all of the things are real important, because you just really want to pay attention to the flu i had intake, especially with children, they can become dehydrated. so watch for. that will so chicken soup is awesome. it is casino after homemade remedy. but a loft doctors swear by it.
8:36 am
gatorade, water, anything that you enjoy drinking or that your child will drinks -- drink, go ahead, stock up on that, also idea to get some tissues, you know, in case you need them. karen? >> i love they have the vicks vaporub. thought it was a great idea. but i'm real cheap. the products you mentioned, might finds us buying the drug store brand, do i have to buy the expensive stuff, or am i fine with the drug store brand? >> you're perfectly fine with the drug store brand. so i think a kit like this will probably cost you anywhere from 30 to $50. and you may be greatful, you know, to have paid that much money just because tough in the house and you're ready. and i would just go with the store brands, because often the store brands have identical ingredients to the name brands drugs that you're buying. so just go with the store that you trust. go to the store, the drug store, and just stock up those things in your cart. then you're ready, you know, should the inevitable happen. >> it does always happen. beth, thank you as always, we really appreciate it.
8:37 am
>> thanks, karen. of course if you have anything in your house that's a tradition you use when you get sick, maybe the chicken assume, tweet us, let us know, use the hashtag fox 29 week end. >> coming up: be prepared to get fired up, how a famous face in hollywood is dissing the giants on this black sunday. plus, an important ad campaign. what the nfl is doing to help end domestic violence.
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the nfl developing important commercial time to very important cause. the league is airing some public service announcements from the no more campaign against domestic violence, that $3 million campaign in response to several high profile incidents, involving nfl players. take a look! >> no more, it is cents none of my business. >> no more, he didn't mean it. >> no more, not my problem. >> no more, she was flirting with him. >> no more she was asking for it. >> no more boys will be boys. >> no more i'll say something next time. >> no more by standing. >> no more ignorance. >> no more excuses. >> no more. so no more ignoring the issues, because i know a loft times people think oh, it gets swept under the rug, we need them on the field sundays, but, you know there is helps bring awareness to the
8:41 am
situation. >> and it does. like it or not, having celebrities do these types every things. >> brings attention. other come point be, little kin call when you think this is like their pr maneuver to try to get back in with women again, because a lot of people were really upset for good reason about what has been happening, oh, we'll just make the public service campaign and fix it, it is the bands aid watch do you think about that? let us know. just use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. switching gears, 180 here again, if you're out in the community, trying to meet some love of your life it, can be a little difficult. >> you're sing. >> i challenging. >> local recreational sports league helps you do just that. the stories of friendship and love that have come out of some friendly games of kick ball. >> ♪ >> keep those music songs coming, playing boys two men songs this morning, play half time at tonight's eagles game.
8:42 am
this is for pj, a song for mama. use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. >> ♪ >> i think this is the one i chose tore -- for my mom last >> i think this is the one i chose a remote that liveslast on your phone.
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>> we all know getting one every these will cost a lot of these. many families are finding out right now, in the middle of college application season, it can cost a fortune, just applying to college. ♪ this is sat test. what, a hundred dollars or more for private sat tutor for each hour. don't forget those pesky application fees, national average is 42 bucks. some schools are $75 or more. that's a lot of money. and the big one, visiting campus, you know, visiting the dorms, cafeteria, maybe even classroom it, will set you back hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, depending on how far you have to travel. and here is a few tips for you. first, go to could the edge board. com. you can apply for waiver. 52.50 can be waived if you show special need. second, while you're there, check out the on-line prep question. no need for private tutor. and, limit the number of applications cents, ask
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college admissions cents office if they'll wave the fee. many will do so. finally, forget the on site visit. check out you visit. com. free, really cool virtual website. you can tour lots of different college campuses cents right through your kitchen table. use those tips. you'll save money. because you'll need it when you get the first tuition bill. hey, i have to go now and help my daughter with her college applications. i'm cashing out. >> here is one of the great things we get to do. we have junior reporters bringing up fresh eyes, looking at stories. we are super excited about this program. we look forward to their reports every single week. this is caitlin, from rider university, and is back, you found a great program, i think a lot of people are going to really like in our area. what's what is it? >> yes, great cause, offers pretty much every sport you can imagine. not just about the sport. it is cents about making life-long friends, as well. i even spoke with a woman who met her husband there, many
8:47 am
years ago, she still plays with them in the league even to this day. >> no plans for the weekend. don't worry. philadelphia's has a solution for you. >> flyers football. >> from football to kick ball, they have it all. come with your friends or by yourself. everyone welcome on the field. philadelphia sport has 11 different leagues to choose from, all of them are growing by the day. specially football. >> last time the largest as well as spring, our biggest, free agency has been popular program, typically people new to the syd i or who have never played. recently single, recently divorced, mix of people, array of people look to go meet new people in their world, make new friends, finds new groups, that's been real popular for us. >> really is all fun and games here at the dairy fields. >> football season has just gun, and players have gathered toss the old pig skin around with friends both new and old. let's see what else philadelphia sport and social has to offer besides scoring touchdown on the field. >> all around comradery of the teams, get to go know
8:48 am
one-on-one basis, been in it close to seven years now, to see it progress, and the friendships, i can't say a bad thing about it, all-in-all just a great organization to work for, great place to come and play. >> it is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to get out and socialize. all work, no play, makes life dull. it is important for the post graduate young professional demo graph took realize this. life after school can be lonely, and hectic, without peers to let off steel w perfect venue to meet new group of friends or even start new romance. >> well, just coming out here on the weekends, having some time with classmates to get outside and enjoy good football. >> just coming out here, get to go run around at my age, not too many things i can do, and it is only time girls really chase me any more, coming out here and playing this. >> this one is my neice. she was five when we started. now she is playing on my feel. i met my husband here. and it is just really great way to meet people. >> i love all that love, people are meeting on the
8:49 am
fields. >> yes, they are having so much fun. such great people, welcoming, great experience that i had. >> so cool. katie, thank you so much for joining us, keep bringing us great stories. >> of course, my pleasure. >> in you have ideas for katie or other junior reporters use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. all right, time for your intoe active weather. caitlin, meeting husbands at the kick ball league, maybe we need to join? >> going back to recess, meet everybody out on the playground, right? >> i know. >> live look outside, like we it earlier from the old city studios, we have a loft sunshine, much improved from the doom and gloom we saw yesterday morning with a lot of rain, a loft fog. we improved last night, and we had cold start to the day. but we'll see some warmer weather. one every viewers out in chester county wants to know about the dilworth town wine festival. that's going on in the west chester area, dilworth town in. from noon to 6:00 today which rain or shine they're prepared for t lungly the rain was yesterday, the shine is today. so by noon, sunny, crisp, 55 degrees, we're to up 06 by
8:50 am
2:00. and by the end, 63 should be the high temperature out by west chester. again, mostly sunny skies, so even though it is cool and you need the jackets right now, one of those fall afternoon that will feel little warmer. out zoo outside, clear skies overhead, pressure firmly in place, will move off shore later tonight making way for this area of rain to push in by early monday morning. so, we get nice break today. but the rain returns by late in the day on monday. we start to cloud up tonight, maybe shower early monday, but heavier stuff come monday afternoon. temperatures right now, biggest story of the morning, 34 mount pocono, 36 lehigh ton, 35 allentown, where probably some frost that you woke up to on your car or out on the yards. forty-five in warminster, 47 in philadelphia, again, not as chilly down in south jersey, but all starting in at least the 40's. your eagles forecast for later today at kick off, 58 degrees, great football weather, scattered clouds, maybe a sprinkle, otherwise, i think we just stay dry. seven day forecast, six a and nice today, showers return for your columbus day, then check
8:51 am
out this mid week warm up. close to 70 degrees, thunderstorms, probably, occurring at some point on wednesday. and then we dry out and cool down later on in the week. karen? >> thank you, caitlin. all right, wearing all of our black, getting ready to get fired up. >> hollywood hot shot wants you pumped up for tonight's eagles game. we'll show you what he is doing and how he is doing it. this just in, men prefer younger women. really? just published study in evolutionary and human behavior. men, no matter their age, had a life-long sexual attraction to women in their mid 20's. what a surprise. if you have ever seen george clooney, jack nicholson, on the red carpet there is isn't breaking news.
8:52 am
so we ask asked our doctor mike about it. he said there is a good reason. survival of the human race and ladies, don't sweat it, doctor mike wants us to keep our eyes on the prize. >> women ultimately have the upper hands. they prefer men of the same age, and maybe a little older, and they ultimately decide who they will mate with. so, men, it is not a man's
8:53 am
8:54 am
automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪
8:55 am
rolling in, black sunday, eagles, i'm ready, thanks for that one. look at this one. really is, beat the giants. this one for karen, good morning, sunshine. >> awe. >> how do you like that, karen hepp? >> i like that. shout out. we also love the trash talk we've been having. we love when celebrities get involved. bradley cooper on our show million times on good day. love it. so he's been helping us all out. made a video, everybody up there, new york city, talking about it. take a look. >> ♪ >> this is more than mid-season match up. this is a street fight. wall street against broad street. white collar against no collar. this is a tail of two cities. new york and philly. i promise you, there is no brotherly love lost between us and the big apple's big takers
8:56 am
with cheese steak eating liberty bell cracking museum steps running, ya, ya, ya. you know the best way to shut allowed mouth up? to shut it for them. ♪ >> everything, everything and anything. >> caitlin is loving. >> this she's like oh, every game. >> with bradley cooper, how could you not? how could you not? >> oh, we have so many great stars in our area. how about this? we have the best viewers. we have a picture of nora jones in our area, she is just having dinner at the blue bell inn. i love this woman. come away with me.
8:57 am
sorry, am i singing? that's one of our pictures sent in by czar a thank you so much. >> that's a picture of the executive chef of the blue bell inin who are is peter. >> yes montgomery county community college festival that they had all day yesterday. >> very cool. >> someone asked me about the weather yesterday, in montgomery county. there go. >> well inform. >> so if you see there, sends us pictures, that's going to do it for thus morning, thank you so much for joining us. great line up this day, though. >> game day live at 11:00, news continues tonight at 10:00 with these two. >> all right, keep the conversations going, use the hashtag fox 29. have a super sunday everybody. >> fox news sun stay next, with chris wallace, enjoy your day. >> go eagles! >> let's eat. boyz ii men, pumpkin bread ... ♪ blank (music playing)
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
. i'm chris wallace. another person in dallas tests positive for ebola. with the supreme court deciding not to weigh in, is same-sex marriage becoming the law of the land? this is the outcome that we have hoped for. it is the outcome that the constitution requires. >> i'd hoped we had a supreme court that decided this. i think it deserved a hearing at that level. we have a debate between two leading advocates. ted olson, who won -- and -- in california, and tony perkins, president of the family research council. then there are now just 23 days until the


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